Message from the Group CEO about the launch of METHOD Alliance.
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I’d like to give you an update on the development of the MCA/System and the launch of the METHOD Alliance. I would also like to invite you to a free session to explore how to build your MCA/System.
Integration and MCA(1):
Since November 1994, our single focus with MCA® has been to make marketing & communications more effective, more efficient and always transparent and accountable. On behalf of the experts who built and believed in the MCA/System, I want to take this opportunity to thank the practitioners across the 200 companies using the MCA around the world. Thank you also for joining us in celebrating this new phase in the growth of the MCA/System.
May 2019 - The launch of METHOD Alliance:
The MCA/System is now a comprehensive cloud-based solution that provides for marketing & communications tracking, and new programmed input of business data. It includes decision-making tools supported by automated dashboarding that connect the marketing & communications experts and the business managers with the information and the resources they need to work more effectively.

As more brand owners want to improve their marketing and revenue performance capabilities, we are committed to making the power of MCA/System available quickly, cost effectively and with high quality support. This is the reason we are launching the METHOD Alliance: a network of advisors trained on the MCA/System to empower your enterprise.
More relevant, responsive and pro-active:
An MCA-enabled advisor is nearby: skillful, strategic & readily empowered to make the MCA/System work for you so that you can, within weeks, answer the three fundamental questions:

• How effective are my marketing communications activities at generating brand equity, and how can we improve?
• How efficiently are we managing communications?
• Are our budgets well spent and our decisions leading to improved performance?
We are looking forward to helping your business deliver better marketing, so click now for a free consultation on how to design your MCA/System, with the help of a METHOD-Advisor!
Always committed to better marketing,
Group CEO
(1) MCA: Market ContactAudit® is a proprietary research methodology delivering a single currency of measurement called Brand Experience Points.
It quantifies the outcome and contribution of all marketing communications activities with consumers. Click for more







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